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Bridging Ages is an international organization focusing on the use of local history and how we apply this knowledge to the benefit of the local community today. Bridging Ages practices the Time Travel method, an educational method using local heritage to create reflection on contemporary issues.

The goal is learning, social cohesion and community building.
Bridging Ages consists of people from schools, museums, communities, museums, universities, NGOs from about 25 countries on four continents.

New Newsletter February 2021

New Newsletter February 2021

Read the latest Feb 2021 Newsletter. Interesting articles on Medieval Rose festival, Island of Rhodes, Greece, Time Travel held during COVID19 lockdown in South Africa and the Crossroads Project.

Reminder: Please register to attend Bridging Ages Virtual AGM to be held on 17 March 2021

You can find the Newsletter by clicking the picture above or following the link http://bridgingages.com/newsletters/ and choosing the latest Newsletter.

Welcome to Bridging Ages Annual General Meeting
2nd Virtual Meeting
17 March 2021
Time: 14.00 GTM
Please register by e-mail to: gabriellajohansson@kalmarlansmuseum.se
You will receive a Zoom link the day before the meeting