2022 Turkey

Bridging Ages International Conference in Giresun, Turkey,

29 June-01 July (Excursion 02 July) 2022


The Time Travel Method in Education, Environment, Peace Building and Democracy

The next international Bridging Ages conference will be held in Giresun, Turkey - please visit BRIDGES AGES INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Ordu-Giresun, Turkey (bridgingagesturkey.com) for more information. The program includes several sessions on these issues, as well as an academic session and a Time Travel event to 1938. We welcome people from museums, schools, universities, municipalities, NGOs and other interested persons and organizations.

Today, we see an even greater need to work together beyond boundaries, for a more peaceful and inclusive world. What is the role of cultural heritage and the Time Travel method in this cooperation? What can we do together, in education, for a sustainable environment and a world of peace and solidarity?

As people with significant cultural heritage, the Turks have lived with many nations in Anatolia and witnessed many civilizations and cultures. In this conference people from many parts of the world will come together, seek for hope and solutions.

Conference themes:

How to use the Time Travel method and Applied Heritage to explore such issues as

  • Peace building and solidarity
  • Environment, Water use, Climate, Biodiversity and Life
  • Development of Local Communities and Democratic Engagement.
  • Education, Learning, Schools and Local Heritage

29 June-01 July 2022 (Excursion 02 July).

Call for Papers : Please send your abstracts to Hakan Adanir, info@goperatif.org before 17 May 2022. You will be notified just after the deadline if your paper has been accepted.

For Conference Program and Information about Conference Fee and Accommodation please click links below:

Conference Program: also as PDF-file below. Please note - The Conference Program may be subject to changes.

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